Unified club invites you to Wilsonville game night

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Ms. Kinder
Ms. Kinder, leader of the unified club

This year will be the first time that there isn’t going to be a Unified Harvest Dance, instead Wilsonville high school will be hosting a Unified Game Night. This is going to be a night where students will be able to play some super fun games including Mario Kart, Dance Revolution, and Fortnite. The game night is being put together by Mrs. Rott, Mr. Sundquist, and Mrs. Kinder, “Leadership and Unified Club will work together to create a fun evening of games,” says Mrs. Kinder, who is in charge of the Unified Club.

“It’s going to be really fun!” says senior, Maya Previs, who is excited about the new idea. The exact date the game night will be held has not yet been announced, but look forward to seeing posters around the school.