Review for “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas


If you aren’t very interested in reading, this book might be your favorite. I’m a person that does not like reading. At all. But this book is a book that I would read over and over, kept me up at night reading it and just was hard to find another book this good. This story I would say  is about Khalil,  an African American getting shot by a white cop even though he was unarmed. This brings a lot of controversy because it brings the question back to nowadays that this has happened and keeps happening. Would a white person be shot if it was dark and he was reaching into the car for something? This book is about a teen in this time, and today’s world conflict. The book is told by the person in the story, Starr.

After I read the book, I went and watched the movie after. In my opinion, the book was better than the movie. The movie didn’t bring in a character that was in the book he wasn’t very important but Starr’s brother took his place. The movie missed a lot of little things that the book had in it. Which made the book a lot more interesting because just of the little details it had. I really recommend this book because it will change your view on a lot of things going on nowadays and your views on people in today’s society.