Boys soccer victorious over Ashland (2-1)

Wilsonville Boys Soccer defeated Ashland 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday.


GM Artman

Ryan McCord passes the ball to his teammate.

On Tuesday, October 30th Wilsonville boys soccer narrowly won 2-1 over the Ashland Grizzly Bears in the first round of the playoffs. The game was locked at 1-1 for the entire second half until sophomore striker Adam Landy finished his second goal of the game off the corner kick in the last minute of overtime.

When asked how the team played versus Ashland, junior defender Ryan McCord said, “We played really good versus Ashland.” He also said, “We played well together as a team and I am proud of our performance.”

Ashland is the 7 seed in the OSAA rankings and Wilsonville is only the 10 seed, so the Cats had to travel 4 and ½ half hours south through Medford to play. Nevertheless, the Wildcats persevered and won the game despite the massive home-field advantage. In addition, McCord said that the lengthy drive made it hard, but they stopped multiple times to stop and stretch to prevent cramping during the game.

When asked how this competitive game will impact the team moving forward, McCord said “Ashland was a very tough team and Central will also be a tough team. Ashland was a good experience for this young team going into the quarter finals.”

Next up for the Wildcats is the quarterfinals where the Wildcats will have to travel to Independence, Oregon for a matchup with the number 4 team in the state, the Central Panthers.