Caravan from Central America meeting opposition from U.S officials

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Many migrants are fearing for their lives as thousands approach the border between Mexico and United States. In a recent statement, President Trump claimed that if migrants, mostly from Honduras and Guatemala, advance any closer to the U.S border, then he’ll cut off aid to Central America. This effect would be detrimental to millions of people as their countries rely on this aid to help with poverty and criminal gangs.

This all started when 160 people gathered at a bus terminal in Honduras, to escape  the gang ridden town of San Pedro Sula. Many cases similar to this have led to the growth of the caravan to 7,000 as of October 22. Unemployment, threats of violence and, gangs all contributed to the growth of the caravan. After so many people have joined, it is slated that many more will join until they reach the border because it’s more safe to travel in high number.

Trump has mobilized troops to stop the caravan at the border and has made many attempts to stop them from infiltrating into the southern states. Some migrants have turned back after they were promised asylum in Mexico.

Life in the caravan is no easy task. After long days of travel, many experience dehydration and sunburns and they combat the heat with anything from umbrellas to cardboard. They sleep in the streets and makeshift camps along the way.

Many are travelling to the U.S to seek asylum in order to escape persecution. These are very valid claims as many didn’t have any other options, but to leave. Migrants continue on the path to the U.S as they face an uncertain future. Updates will follow as the story develops.