Bend and snap!

Legally Blonde opens Wilsonville's theatre season


Mikaela Ochocki

Pictured above is the sophomore Kaiya Shivers who plays Elle Woods in the musical Legally Blonde. She is holding the dog who plays Bruiser Woods.

It is officially November, and that means Wilsonville High School’s musical Legally Blonde is open for business. The show follows the love-struck blonde Elle Woods as she chases her boyfriend to Harvard in order to prove she can be “serious” enough for him.

Elle Woods is played by the stunning Kaiya Shivers, her ex boyfriend Warner by Noah Hansen, and new flame Emmett by Nate Rasmussen. All characters in the musical are brought to life with the extraordinary acting of Wilsonville High School’s theater department. 

The Production Coordinator (and AP English teacher) John Fitzgerald reviewed the progress of the musical the day after opening night. “It’s a complicated show,” Fitzgerald admits, “but it’s fun. Complicated and challenging, but good.” He described the cues and details that caused the musical to be one of the more difficult productions they’ve put on, but those are exactly what make the musical enjoyable.

Casey Young, a junior here at Wilsonville plays two hilarious roles as the witness Nikos in the prosecution and Dewey the ex boyfriend. Young names this musical one of the tougher shows he’s been apart of at the high school. Young’s two characters are completely opposite of one another so his scene changes are quite arduous. However, he loves the experience and thrill of performing.

“It’s less stressful on stage than it is when I’m off. [When] I perform and do what I love, I feel more free.”

— Casey Young

Junior Kameron Koslowski who portrays Elle’s teacher at Harvard Professor Callahan, is proud of how the first show has played out. “Opening night has gone much better than I could have ever expected,” he reminisces excitedly, “and that means it can only go up from here.”

If you haven’t already, please go visit this awesome cast during one of their impressive performances of Legally Blonde. The storyline is excellent, the cast is well-versed, and the comedy is impeccable. After you watch it, you’ll find yourself asking: “What would Elle Woods do?”