The lock out rumors

Rumors often travel fast in high school, this is mainly because students get bored and just say/make up things for fun or sometimes one another just goes off what he/she said information and turns it into stories confusing the student body. An example of this is what happened On Tuesday the 30th of October at approximately 1:30 pm to about 2:10pm. There was a lock-out from the police that were investigating a suspicious person located around the school. It was something very minor, but to the student body it was a huge deal. Apparently there was a bear roaming around the school, or there was a shooting, and there was even a some saying that there was a parental kidnapping happening. Although there was only a 40 minute lock out many students managed to make three other stories that were not the truth, not only were they not the truth but extremely far away from the truth. In those moments of the lockout the student body were just looking for answers and telling one another what they thought happened or what they heard.That’s what rumors are, just one big game of telephone throughout the students body, this shows that you can’t always believe everyone, because sometimes no one knows what they’re even talking about.