Race for the cookies


Sebastian Pinger

Several junior varsity athletes pose happily after the race. They received their cookies the next day!

Oftentimes, junior varsity athletes seem as if they are underappreciated. However, on the Wilsonville cross country team, a special race takes place that features only junior varsity athletes: JV State. JV State is a race put on for Wilsonville athletes, which features a 3K (seven and a half laps) on the track. Each athlete is promised a box of cookies, bought by coach David Barkley, if they can beat their 3K time from the beginning of the season. The purpose for the race is to show junior varsity athletes how far they’ve progressed from the beginning of the season.

JV State took place on November 1st (Thursday), with athletes expectantly waiting for the race to begin. For some, it would be the last race of their high school cross country season. As soon as the race started, runners surged from the start line, willing their legs to move forward until they reached their competitors in front of them. It was the epic race for the cookies.

The athletes performed very well, with many of them receiving the coveted box of cookies from the coach. Yet, greater than receiving the cookies, they were able to see how far they’ve come from the beginning of the season. With the season ending for the junior varsity athletes, we are proud of the progress each and every one has made and hope they continue to run well next season!