Fab Four take on playoffs


GM Artman

Freshman Dalton Mermis takes a corner kick. Mermis had a huge impact on the team this year.

This season, four freshmen made an impact on the girls varsity soccer team. Dubbed the “Fab Four Freshmen”, Lindsey Antonson, Karina Borgen, Dalton Mermis, and Katelyn McDougal all contributed heavily to the team this year, and helped the Wildcats push for a playoff run.

Junior Kylie Aube spoke to the girls’ contributions, saying “I think that they had a really big impact. They filled a lot of spots that we were missing.” Aube also mentioned how important the relationships off the field were, and she explained that the upperclassmen were very welcoming and super close to the freshmen on the squad.

Forward Lindsey Antonson was the team’s leading scorer, and her influence was automatically clear. Starting at center forward all season, Antonson helped the Wildcats to go undefeated in league on their way to a 9-7 record overall.

Karina Borgen and Dalton Mermis both started as well, and Katelyn McDougal played significant minutes throughout the season too. Borgen was a starting midfielder, and is sure to continue to excel in that role for seasons to come. The backline was full of upperclassmen this year, but by the end of the season, Mermis managed to become the starting left back. While McDougal may not have started at center back this year, with eight seniors graduating, she is sure to fill one of their positions in future years.

The culmination of their efforts, along with their teammates, helped the Wildcats to secure a place in the playoffs. They played Wednesday night against Crescent Valley, and to no one’s surprise, the freshmen were key factors in the game.

The Wildcats scored a lone goal off of a Mermis corner kick, who played the whole game. Antonson played the full game as well, while Borgen started and saw lots of time on the field. Ultimately, the team ended up losing the game 2-1, ending their playoff berth. Still, the season was incredibly impressive, and it is clear that the future of the program is in good hands. According to Aube, “I think that being a freshman on varsity is really beneficial for the future years, because they’ll have that experience going into the next few seasons.” So, look out opponents, because the Fab Four have three more years!