Dia de los Muertos


Melody Garcia Gonzalez

The Ofrenda created by MEChA and NAHS students, featuring celebrities, family, and friends who have passed away.

Wilsonville High School hosted the 2018 Day of the Dead celebration. MEChA and National Art Honor Society partnered together to make this event happen. Dia de los Muertos took place Thursday November 1, 2018, with many people who rejoiced in the celebration. There were several activities throughout the event that keep everyone entertain and allowed them experience some of the aspects of celebrating Dia de los Muertos. These activities included performances from a student mariachi, an adult mariachi, and several dances by students of different ages from different schools. There were volunteered led activities such as sugar skull decorating, face painting, and skull mask decorating. The event was enjoyed by many and united people of all aspects of life to celebrate this one day.