Shiver: A chilling performance


Briana Cerezo

The cast performing during the second act. Photo by Briana Cerezo.

Shiver: A Musical Ghost Story is a musical written and directed by Matthew B. Zrebski, and is currently running at the Oregon Children’s Theater. The cast is made up of eight Young Professionals, who are extremely talented students in the Portland area that are dedicated to acting and singing. Among them is Wilsonville junior Averyl Hartje, who portrays the character Vix in the musical.

I went to see Shiver on November 4th, and the story was thrilling, with lots of twists and mystery. The premise is that a mute boy named Gailen has gone missing in a snowstorm, and he has connections to all of the other characters. Hartje’s character, Vix, is trapped in a closet at the beginning of the show, and she’s making confusing and cryptic calls to six other students, none of which know her identity, but all of which are terrified.

The six characters other than Gailen and Vix are all paired up, and deal with struggles of their own. One girl, Tala, and her boyfriend Lionel are fighting over their relationship and whether to take it further. Then there’s Ravyn, a popular cheerleader who longs for attention, and the outcast lesbian Mindy, who has her fair share of difficulties. Finally, gay drug dealer Shea and confused, anxious, Brock are attempting to figure out their own relationship.

As the story progresses, the mystery starts to unravel of what happened to Gailen, how everyone else is involved, and the true identity of Vix. Shiver is truly spine-tingling, and the talent of the cast is phenomenal. Each character holds their own when the spotlight is on them, and the harmony of the whole cast singing in unison is unforgettable.

I would fully recommend Shiver to anyone interested, as long as they are over the age of thirteen. There are mature themes, and lots of adult humor, but it is important for teenagers to watch this show, as it deals heavily with things that all of us go through. On a related note, it’s enjoyable for adults as well, and it’s crucial for them to experience Shiver so they can better understand the struggles of teenage life in today’s day and age.

If you want to go see Shiver, you can catch the last weekend of performances. Tickets are on sale at, and there are five shows left. They’re selling out quickly, so get your tickets now to an incredible, unforgettable performance.