When Wilsonville hears the words “Cooper Strong”, we know exactly who those words refer to. Senior Cooper Mootz has been through it all and still comes out of any situation stronger than before. And Wilsonville as a community has always been #Cooperstrong.

During Cooper’s sophomore year, he was faced with what’s called double aortic and severe tracheomalacia. To sum up, this is basically an anomaly of the aortic arch in which two aortic arches form a complete vascular ring that can compress the trachea and/or esophagus. Cooper was struggling to breathe. However, Cooper ended up having surgery and pulled through, making him stronger than ever.

It is sad to see Cooper’s season over as for at the last home game Cooper had torn his ACL and meniscus. Cooper said that he had “tore my left ACL before, so what I felt this time was familiar but still painful.” His season finishing before semi-finals was devastating for him and I believe everyone around us. However, Cooper always has had a positive outlook on situations saying that “the season was great; I had fun everyday and made the most of my last year playing football. I enjoyed strengthening my relationship with my running back coach, winning games, and laughing along the way.” Bad things happen to good people; however, it’s how those people respond to these things that really matter. Knowing Cooper personally, I know that he will handle this situation strongly and look at the best in everything. This situation will not bring him down but however make him stronger than ever.

#Cooperstrong has been a motto for Cooper and something he lives by. “Cooperstrong defines me. So many times obstacles are thrown my way and every single time I prevail and win. My life goal is to be an example for others that no matter what happens in life, there’s always an opportunity to use it in a positive way and display strength and courage.”

Senior Cooper Mootz is a strong and motivated person who has potential to do great things in the near future, and I cannot wait to see where life takes him. Always #Cooperstrong.