Wilsonville debuts new art magazine

In the past, the high school put on an annual art and literary magazine. Changing names with the different teachers and students in charge of it, the magazine (sometimes named Soliloquy and Cornerstone) featured poems, short stories, essays, photographs drawings and paintings by students and staff.

The magazine was important because appreciating the writings and visual art of their peers encourages students to create their own and share it. Unlike art which is displayed around the school, writing and art students make outside of class are rarely encountered by the majority of Wilsonville students. By putting their writings and poetry in the magazine, students had the opportunity to have voice heard by students and teachers who not even know they were a writer.

Between 1999 and 2003, art teacher Mr. Shotola-Hardt co-advised four volumes of Cornerstone: Literary Arts & Visual Arts between 1999 and 2003 with Mr. Slick. It was his decision to add the “visual arts” title to the magazine because he “felt that the art

should be able to stand alone and be strong on its own and not just be seen as a support to another creative discipline.”

Mr. Shotola-Hardt and a team of editors went through submissions and handpicked the writing and art that would be showcased in the magazine, some are cut, “there were some instances when the faculty piece was cut,” mused Shotola-Hardt.

On the submission most likely to make the cut  “ I recommend not trying to psyche out the jury, not try to figure out what they will like.  Be authentic. Be you. What brings you deepest meaning? What challenged you the most? What piece(s) made you grow, which were your breakthrough works?  Which pieces have had genuine impact already on your audience — peers, mentors, or people who will give it to you straight.”

This year the Wilsonville Broadcast Club is bringing back the magazine under the new wildcat moniker: MEOW Magazine. Submissions to the magazine can include photographs, paintings, drawing, digital art, poems, short stories, pictures of sculptures, graphic design, short comics, or any other original visual or literary arts students AND faculty wish to submit.

All works must be submitted by the 31rst of January to [email protected] .  If you have any questions about anything, including questions regarding content or other forms or accepted work, please contact MEOW at [email protected]  You may also contact the head editor, Isaac Boger, at [email protected] or the faculty advisor, Mr. Fitzgerald, at [email protected]