Winter Break – we’re almost there!


Jackie Foltz has been doing ballet for years, and she’s in a production of The Nutcracker Tea this December. It’s just one of many activities keeping her busy this season!

With Thanksgiving Break behind us, everyone is looking forward to December 21st – the last day of school before Winter Break. There’s three weeks left before our time off, and everyone is just trying to hang on.

Some students see this as the final stretch before the best part of the year, and I would agree. A lot of teachers schedule tests in these weeks, because they don’t want students to have to remember material over break.

While your head may be full of wishes for snow days and visions of holiday celebrations, this is one of the most important times of the year to focus on school, and make sure you stay on top of your work.That way, when break comes, you won’t have much to worry about and you’ll be able to actually relax and enjoy the time off.

For some students, Winter Break is more than just relaxation – it’s a chance to go somewhere or do something big that they wouldn’t normally have time for. Junior Jackie Foltz mentioned, “My family might be going on a trip to California, so I’m looking forward to that for sure.” Even before break, she’s keeping busy this holiday season. Foltz is in the Northwest Dance Theatre’s production of a Nutcracker Tea, which runs from December 15th until the 23rd, right when break begins. She’s playing the role of the Snow Queen, and she’s had rehearsals nearly every day of the past few months in preparation for the show.

With the last few months of the year being such a busy season, I’m sure Foltz – along with everyone else – is looking forward to a much needed break.