Springfest applications


Last years Springfest court

As winter comes around some senior cats are starting to get ready for a tradition we have taken on for many years. Brought over from West Linn High School their May Day has turned into our Springfest.

Springfest has become a tradition at Wilsonville High School since the school was built. Being on the springfest court means taking part in rehearsals in the morning to learn a ballroom routine and a fun dance routine that highlights the males of the court. Not to mention being at springfest and watching the wonderful talent show that takes place. Many people look up to the students on springfest and some even dream of the day when they can apply. So what are the requirements ?

To apply for springfest you first must know that the application are available online. However there is more to the application than just a piece of paper. There are some requirements to be eligible for springfest. Besides the application you must also obtain a 2.25 GPA or higher, and not have excessive absences. You will also be in an interview process and get asked questions by fellow students. After all of this the students vote! Along with the teachers and staff of the school.

Once 8 girls and 8 guys are decided to be the springfest court they will partake in early morning dance classes. There is also a $150 payment to be on springfest as for there are wonderful outfits and accessories to be worn. To turn in your application you must give it to the wonderful attendance lady, Staci herself.

Good luck to any senior cats applying to be on springfest!