Recent thefts in Wilsonville community shock residents

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A crime wave has recently surfed over the city of Wilsonville over the last couple of months and has surged as the holiday season comes into full force. Anywhere from stolen Amazon packages, car thefts, and home break ins have arose as the most prevalent forms of crime in the suburban community.

Popular websites, such as Ring, are available to report crimes or suspicious activity. Ring is a new home security system that allows you to see activity at your house, most commonly the front door, from your personal device. The company also came out with a new sharing platform that acts as a virtual neighborhood watch. It works by people posting or commenting about suspicious activity such as Amazon package theft, car break-ins,  strangers approaching your house, etc. For the increase in crimes across Wilsonville, this has been a large platform for concerned residents to speak out about possible crimes committed and also strange people looking around their homes and cars.

The most recent thefts in Wilsonville are linked to a group of three adults, two of whom were arrested and the third assailant is still at large and is believed to be in the Portland-Metro area. The two arrested were Skylar Tweedle and his wife, Jessica. They were stopped at a traffic stop off of Parkway Court in Wilsonville on Nov. 29. Their three-year old daughter was in the car along with equipment used to break into cars, amazon packages, and drug paraphernalia.

Both are currently in Clackamas County Jail – Skylar with more than 10 charges to his name and a bail set at $75,000 and Jessica is also held under similar charges with her bail set at $75,000. Their daughter is under the care of family members.

The two are thought to be related up to 40 different thefts in Wilsonville, but the final numbers won’t be known until the third assailant goes into custody or more evidence links them to the other crimes. The police believe the third accomplice to be Joshua Kenneth Derrick and their is still an active investigation to apprehend him.