Dance festival

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Since dance is a very competitive sport throughout the season,  dance teams enjoy getting together before that season starts. The dance showcase that took place at Parkrose High School was a very exciting event to attend.

This was a time before our competition season starts to sit back and see the other dance teams routines that we are competing with in our division. We get to sit back and just enjoy one another’s company without having to deal with the stress of competing with each other.

Competitions are fun but sometimes the judges in the stands get to you — having them sit there and critiue  you just makes you very anxious in a way that a showcase doesn’t. Having this showcase with our division really helps the teams form a bond throughout the competition season with one another.

We dancers know how hard we work to get to where we are and understand the amount of intensity it took us to get to this point. So standing on that gym floor getting ready to perform  upon judges and the crowd standing in front of you feels a lot better when you know that you have all those other besides you cheering each other on.

Not only was this event the first showcase of the season but it was also the first time that the Wilsonville Pride dance team did a hip hop routine in the last 4 years. The routine was very intense, but in a good way. It made you see the team in a whole other way then you have.

Not only this but seeing the crowds cheer so loud in those stands, made you really understand and just feel the pride in the team. What makes it 10 times better is having all those teams in your division be there for you in that moment cheering for you because they genuinely enjoyed it.

Being there for on3 another holds a whole other power upon dancing and that is what this event at Parkrose held for the teams.