The scores are out!!


In order to provide students a way to study for their next big test at school, the WVHS library has stocked up with study books. You can go check one out now!

We are now in the last month of the year, which means less than 30 days until 2018 is officially over. It also means that the PSAT scores are now out! If you haven’t already you can log on to and check your scores if you took the test in October this year.

The PSAT is a great way to prepare for the SAT, which many juniors, seniors, and possibly sophomores take for their college applications. Many programs such as Khan Academy can be linked to your score and report from the PSAT to help you study the types of questions you missed in order to better prepare you for the SAT.

Junior Ally Finkbeiner used this study technique between the two times she took the PSAT. After realizing she had received a pretty high test score on the first PSAT she took, she decided that she wanted to study even harder and go for the National Merit Scholarship the next time she took the PSAT. “I used Khan Academy that’s attached to my college board account that tells me what to work on,” Finkbeiner explains, “It was very helpful, and my reading score improved so much after I studied using Khan Academy.”

PSAT scores for Oregon came out on December 12th, so if you haven’t already you should go check to see how you did if you took the test in October this year. If you wish to improve your score for the next time you take the PSAT or the SAT, then you can follow in Finkbeiner’s footsteps and begin using Khan Academy as a trustworthy studying source. Good luck on your next test, and happy studying!