Wildcats make the most of the holidays

As Winter Break approaches, students and staff alike are getting ready to celebrate the holidays. This time of year is often spent with family and friends, completing holiday traditions and making memories.

Many students like to spend time at home, sheltered from the cold weather. Junior Sydney Byun said, “I like to watch movies, bake holiday treats, and sit by the fire.” One of the best ways to spend break is having a holiday movie marathon and attempt to bake gingerbread with your friends, Byun remarked. Well, that, and getting a head start on all your homework.

While staying inside and staying warm may appeal to many, others like to get outside and enjoy the winter wonderland. On the off chance that it snows, building a snowman or having a snowball fight is a great way to spend your days off. Junior Averyl Hartje mentioned, “Sledding or skiing are super fun activities to do with friends, and going up to the mountain is also really popular this time of year.”

Whatever you choose to do this winter, have fun! And don’t forget that school starts up again on January 8th, with finals soon after. So, spend the next two weeks relaxing before the final stretch of the semester.