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A Holly-Jolly Gift Guide

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There are so many things that make the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year: from spending time with family, time off of school, to hot cocoa; December sure has a lot to offer. But one of the best things about the holiday season is giving gifts to loved ones.

Every year we search high and low for the perfect gift to give the people we love. Whether you have to find something for your best friend, your dad, or your cousins you wanna find something that they’ll enjoy. Finding that perfect gift can be a challenge but don’t worry, I’ve asked around to see what kids at Wilsonville High School plan on buying for the special people in their lives. Who knows maybe one of them will inspire your perfect gift.

First I asked around to see what kids are thinking of getting for their parents. Senior Samantha Wettstein suggested going and getting a mani-pedi for her mom. Another good gift idea came from Senior Coltin Hill who said: “I’m getting my parents a nice card and a gift certificate to a good restaurant, it could be a good mom and dad date.” Junior Ray Plummer also chose to give her parents a fun “date” gift, making a picnic basket for them full of their favorite food and drinks. Some other gift ideas for mom included: books, jewelry, soaps, and perfumes, as well as anything homemade or sentimental. Some gift ideas for dad were books, electronics, watches, and funny mugs.

Not only are students looking for gift ideas for their parents, but people have been searching for the perfect gift for their siblings as well. Plummer searched for the perfect gift for her sisters and found some festive candles that they’ll really enjoy. I spoke to a few more students who suggested gift cards, video games, or clothes from their favorite store/brand. Senior Alison Albellar has found the perfect gift for her brother, “He is into fashion, so I’m planning on getting him the newest pair of Ultraboost’s.”

No matter who you’re buying gifts for this holiday season the perfect gift is out there. Good luck on the gift search and happy holiday’s from WBN!