We’re in the clear!


Kness has applied to four colleges in the past year. She is now happy to announce that she has chosen to attend Rutgers University in New Jersey this year.

We are now entering the last stretch of the first semester in the 2018-2019 school year, meaning that it’s the beginning of the end of the last year of high school for seniors. College applications have been submitted, decisions are being made, and the planning for college has begun.

Senior Elizabeth Kness applied to four schools at the end of last year, and she has finally decided to attend Rutgers University in New Jersey. This school turned out to be the most convenient for her personality, education, and finances; although she did apply to some prestigious colleges as well, such as Princeton and Columbia.

Princeton applicants typically participate in an interview with a local Princeton alum. Kness recently scheduled her interview with a local alum at a coffee shop nearby. “I decided to go through with the Princeton interview—even though I am almost completely sure that I’m going to Rutgers—because it is a good experience to do interviews in person. Also, I’m excited to talk to an alum from such a notable school and discuss their experiences in college.” Kness represents the positive mindset when stepping out of your comfort zone.

Preparing for college and taking all the steps necessary can be a big feat, but keeping an open eye to all possibilities will most likely help you in the long run. Follow in Kness’ footsteps and stay positive on your journey to college.