Suspicious superlatives?

One of the most exciting times of the year is when yearbooks get dispersed to all:  Flipping through the pages investigating the content for pictures or spotlights of yourself/your friends brings such a thrill.

In case you haven’t seen one of Wilsonville’s wonderful yearbooks, a section titled “Senior Superlatives” makes an appearance every year. The recipients of these awards feature on their own page with the caption of their appellation above their photo. While we appreciate all the hard work being put into the yearbook thus far, there has been much controversy regarding the process of selecting students for these titles.

Particularly this year, the vote count for certain candidates were questioned by some –Some might say it’s the system! From talking to fellow classmates as well as personal experience, some students feel they did not have enough time to thoroughly fill out the superlatives sheet.

Senior Rachel Cramer states, “My class had less than five minutes to fill it out, I felt like I couldn’t answer it to the fullest extent. I left a lot of slots blank because I didn’t have time so I’m hoping someone else didn’t fill them in for me”.

Seniors suggested some ways to hep people feel like their voices were heard!  Anonymous proposals have been put forth for pitching the idea of online elections. Similar to the prom theme voting system an email could be sent out with the superlative title and you fill in the blank. Less paperwork, less counting, less time crunching, more validity. Is the system just? You decide, leave your opinions below and keep posted with the rest of our opinions articles on WBN.