First generation visits PSU


Wilsonville High School seniors visited Portland State University. Some of Wilsonville will be attending in the fall of 2019

Wilsonville High School has a program that helps first generations students get familiar with the college application process. They went on a field trip to visit some of the campuses in Oregon and listen to other first generation students who went through the same process that they’re currently in. We caught up with Rachel Aguilera and Sabinne Garcia to hear her experience of this day.

Rachel is also first generation student going to college, she was excited to go see the campuses. Going on the trip, Rachel said she expected “to learn more about the campus and majors that the school had to offer.” This is a new experience for her so she’s naturally curious. Sabinne said, “I expected to learn more about PSU, get advice from the mentors and get to know the campus.”

A take away gotten for this trip by these students is, “I learned more about the career that I want to study, how to apply to PSU and the many different scholarships that they offer to students.” Similarly, Rachel, who wants to go into healthcare said, “I learned that it is very easy to get around campus. Also that they offer a lot of pre med courses that offer internships at local hospitals.”

To Rachel, the trip was really helpful. She said, “I found it really helpful because it helped me make a final decision of whether to apply or not because it gave me more information about what I want to major in.” Sabinne also agreed that is was helpful, her reasons, “The field trip was really helpful. I received a lot of important information. It answered a lot of questions that I had about PSU”

Finally, would they recommend the trip to a friend? Sabinne answers, “I would totally recommend it to a friend!” Rachel agrees, she said, “I would 100% recommend it to a friend especially if they are unsure if they want to attend PSU or not.” This trip will continue to be available to those students who are first generation, college-bound students. If that you, mark your calendar for next year!