MEChA: holiday bazaar


Melody Garcia Gonzalez

MEChA students at Holiday Bazaar selling hot chocolate and conchas. Proceeds will go to Doernbecher and Portland Rescue.

Wilsonville High School hosted a Holiday Bazaar to fundraise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Many school clubs and local businesses decided to show up and sell some of their products and direct a portion or all of their proceeds to Doernbecher. MEChA wanted to participate and decided to sell chocolate abuelita and conchas. 

Chocolate Abuelita is a Mexican brand hot chocolate. They warmed some milk and added a pack of chocolate abuelita and served it in coffee-go cups. The buyers had their option of adding marshmallows and whipped cream, with their choice of regular or chocolate whipped cream.

A concha, seashell in English, is Mexican sweet bread. MEChA got the conchas from Miranda’s Bakery in Woodburn. Miranda’s heard about MEChA intentions and helped by giving the club a discount.

The buyers would purchase the hot chocolate or concha, however, they couldn’t resist buying the other because it was so delicious. Despite great sales, MEChA didn’t sell everything they had. They decided to switch their Jarrito-selling Fridays to a Chocolate Abuelita selling Friday. People loved it, by the second week, everything was gone!

MEChA decided to divide their proceeds between the Portland Rescue Mission and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.