Student excels in dance performance and choreography


Dance has always been one of the most riveting spectacles in the performing arts field. Although some forms may appear simple to the eye, there is so much that goes into choreographing these masterpieces. Jessica Caulk is not only adept at  performing, but has picked up an artistry in organizing the routines. She is a senior at Wilsonville High School, while balancing a position in performing and choreographing dance. She currently involved in the pre-professional dance company NW Fusion in Tigard, Oregon.


The art of dance has been a significant part of Caulk’s life. She was enrolled in a dance company at age three. During her sophomore year, she switched to NW Fusion. Her schedule consists of a smaller winter performance, and one in spring that showcases several pieces. The most sensational is four showcases at the end of the year, which feature fifteen pieces. Caulk has not only performed in the Pacific Northwest area, but New York City, and Los Angeles as well.


Caulk devotes fifteen to twenty two hours a week working to perfect her productions. NW Fusion sends in numerous professional choreographers to guide the team. However, the company is not limited to one genre. The program offers a wide spectrum of forms like Jazz, tap, contemporary, and ballet. The classes she takes range from vigorous ballet to focus on technique.


In addition to mastering her dancing skills, Caulk has recently experimented with choreography. Last week, she assembled  a winter piece on her own. Taking the lead in a project that calls for elegant movement can be daunting. Though intricate and graceful on the surface. Moreover, Caulk was successful. She was even been offered a prospective job.


Caulk’s inevitable expertise is clear in her dedication to dance and choreographing. Wilsonville High School can certainly envision Caulk making her mark in the sphere of dance.  “I want to do performance, my main goal is to continue dancing.” she explained. She plans to continue with her aspiration at a college that specializes in dance.