21 Sauvage? — 21 Savage detained by ICE and fights deportation back to Britain

Abraham-Joseph arrested in Atlanta for his visa that expired in 2006.

Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, or known more commonly as 21 Savage, is a well known Atlanta type rapper who has been in the business for about five years now. As of February 3rd, 21 was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia by the ICE for overstaying his visa by thirteen years.


21 Savage is a Grammy nominated musical artist and his popularity is no question. When his arrest was revealed on Superbowl Sunday of 21’s British residency, millions of people spoke out for or against his detaining.


Demi Lovato — a musical artist, actress, and recovering heroin addict — has the nerve to tweet about the comedic nature of 21’s exposition as a British citizen. Despite Lovato’s capability of making crude comments, she didn’t last long after the tonne of backlash she received by 21 fans and ICE haters everywhere.


”It’s unfortunate, but no one is above the law. It should apply to everyone equally regardless of financial status or popularity. Unfortunately, he is in violation of the law.” – Jack Roche


“One of the most blatant forms of institutionalized racism in the twenty first century.” – Ridley Roelofs


Mike Meezy, 21’s co-manager, has reported that money is not an issue for Mr. Savage. However, he has been attempting to bring the horrific conditions that 21 and the rest of the ICE detainees are in. Meezy and many others are appalled and he hopes that 21’s popularity and the support of his fans will bring enough awareness to a political issue in our nation.


The prognosis of 21’s legal situation is looking for better than for worse. His wealth and the awareness will likely mean he won’t live like this long. However, Meezy and Savage still wish people to raise awareness because immigration in the United States has long been a problem for people of all origins.