Your 2019 Springfest court

From springfest . photo taken by G. Artman


From springfest . photo taken by G. Artman

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From 8 guys, to 8 girls. Every color from Blue Radiance, to Botanical Garden. We now welcome our 2019 senior Springfest Court.

After a week of online voting, and about 43 in person interviews, after this week we now introduce 16 seniors as our 2019 Springfest court.

A lot goes into deciding who is on this court. From not only the school voting, but to the interview and a review from staff at the school. And everyone who made it are definitely deserving of their place on the court, so…

Congratulations to senior boys, Trevor Antonson, Caleb Baker, Pablo Campos, Nathan Overholt, Nate Rasmussen, Nathan Tidball, Sam Westing, and Joseph Wilde. Boys get ready to put your dancing shoes on!

Also a congratulations to our senior girls, Alex Burkeen, Macy Carlson, Rachel Cramer, Sadie Crystal, Lauren Dean, Peyton Guenther, Sydnie Jersey, and Grace Yaso. Ladies pick your colors and get ready for your curtseys.  

These 16 seniors have already have picked their partners but have even chosen the color dress they will be wearing! They have decided to commit to early rehearsals and to continue the tradition of Springfest Wilsonville High School has carried on for many years.

Senior Pablo Campos says he is very excited to not only be on the court but to learn the fun dances especially the up beat one! While his partner Macy Carlson says that she is excited “to get to know everyone on the court better especially the people I haven’t spent a lot of time with before!”

This years court has many wonderful people and that they will be amazing at showing their awesome dance moves!

Congrats 2019 seniors on making the springfest court!