Baseball in the new year

With spring around the corner, Wilsonville’s baseball team starts getting ready for the 2019 season.  Last season the boys made it to the first round of playoffs but ended with a tough 3-2 loss to Bend in the 9th inning.  Last year the baseball team consisted of nine seniors. There will be some big shoes to fill, so the four returning last years juniors will have to step up not just as players, but also as leaders.

 Some sophomores might have to help out this varsity team. We asked senior first team all-state shortstop, Trevor Antonson what he thinks this years team will need to work on in order to be successful this season and he replied, “I think the biggest thing we’re going to struggle with is how young we are going to be.  Some of us older guys will have to step up and lead by example, but the younger classes are very skilled and will cope with the varsity level or play very quickly”.

This years team will also have two returning juniors, Cole Kleckner and Keegan Shivers. These two had to step up and help out last years varsity team because of the lack of juniors.  Cole filled in at center field and made some big plays for the cats. Keegan took charge on the mound and helped out last years pitching rotation which helped later in the season.