Teens are busier than ever

Let’s face it school takes up more of your life then it really should with all the studying, homework, and just trying to stay caught up with all 6 classes. Not only does school take up all your life, but if you do extracurricular activities, have a job, and take more than one AP class. It seems as if you never can catch a break.

Being a student who is taking more than one AP class, has a job, and does extracurricular activities I can tell you that it isn’t easy. You have to be able to have the skill of balancing all of your obligations you already have as well as having time to have fun. Once you get it down to a functioning system then it’s a breeze. For example this is typically how my week goes- Monday consists of school from eight-thirty to three o’clock and then work from four to nine-thirty and then chores and homework one I get home. Tuesday is school and then I come home and do homework and chores and then go to dance from seven to nine-thirty. Wednesday is the same as Monday and Thursday is the same as Tuesday. Friday is usually my very busy days, I have school and then right after school from Three – Fifteen  to five 0’ clock I have dance practice and then we have to be right at the school by six- thirty ready to perform for halftime at the football games and whenever the game ends that is when i can go home. As for Saturday and Sundays I have work for majority of the day and I save Saturday night to hang with friends and Sunday night for any homework I had for that weekend. This is my schedule week to week but when having this busy schedule you learn just to take everything day by day, because the second I think of all the stuff i have to do the next day or the day after it overwhelms you. But I’m not here to complain about my busy schedule, as for I’m not the only student that has this type of life there are many other students that attend Wilsonville High School that don’t have time to catch a break with there busy life, that school feels like it is take up there whole day when they could be doing all of there other things that day consist of. No I’m not saying let’s all just drop out of school, I am saying that we need less homework or more time in class to complete assignments because there are students that barely get sleep because there staying up from there busy days just to get there study time in. I Am currently writing this article half asleep and am trying to keep  up with my schedule. School is harder than it used to be and there are only so many hours to complete everything to make everyone happy.