Student diversity conference


Melody Garcia Gonzalez

Student Diversity Conference at Western Oregon University. Students discussed several issues surrounding inclusion.

Over the weekend, a few students went to a conference to Western Oregon University where they discussed the diversity of Wilsonville High School with staff and administrators of the district. One these students is Wilsonville High School Junior: Rodayna Abdelhalim. Rodayna agreed to share some information about her experience with the Paw Print.

Rodayna says that she decided to participate in this conference because she liked the initiative made on behalf of the administration  to understand the environment the minority students face at school. She also said, “I wanted to spread a bit of awareness and inform the staff of issues that minorities face day to day at school.”

The description of this conference given by Rodayna was, “It was a bunch of staff and administration listening to students in order to understand their point of view on how to make minorities feel more comfortable at school.” She says that she also really enjoyed the food and the company of the other students at the conference, it made her feel a bit more comfortable to know that it was not just her who had these ideas that needed to be voiced.

Rodayna’s overall reaction and takeaway from this day was, “I like to have had the opportunity to talk about certain issues and know that people were actually listening and wanting to make a change.” In all, the conference’s purpose was to allow administrator to listen to issues that, in other cases, may not ordinarily come up.