Valentine’s Day date ideas


Juniors Meghann Yochim and Aly Johnston celebrate Valentine’s Day with a treat.

Valentine’s Day can be the most romantic day of the year – if you do it right. Otherwise, you may find yourself to be part of the breakup trend. Specifically, the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day and the week following the holiday have been pinpointed as the most popular breakup periods of the entire year.

This wave of relationships coming to an end stems from the expectations surrounding the holiday. If someone’s hopes and dreams are not met, they may decide that their relationship isn’t working out. Emotions are heightened around Valentine’s Day, so there’s a lot of pressure to make the holiday as perfectly romantic as they do in the movies.

So, if you want to avoid the all-too-common Valentine’s Day blues, check out these ideas to ensure your date night will be a success.



  • Watching a movie and grabbing dinner with your date.
  • Going shopping at the mall with your date.
  • If you’re single, having your own night – eating chocolate, ice cream, pasta, etc. and enjoying a relaxing night.
  • Playing video games that both of you can enjoy, like Mario Kart or Wii Sports , and board games like Sorry or Monopoly.
  • Binging a Netflix show that you both enjoy.



Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, make sure you enjoy yourself and spend time with the ones you love!