Junior college night


A handout that students and parents received at Junior College Night.

Preparing for college is a big task to take on – especially at 17 years old. Many juniors in our school face a whole new world when they are looking into applying for colleges and taking the SAT.

Our counselors at Wilsonville, though, are a great resource to go to when students have questions. About anything in the process. Counselors are accessible to both students and their parents, as students can visit their counselors during school, and parents are able to contact counselors whenever need be.

To help students and their parents get information they need about college, WHS has set up a “Junior College Night” for families to go to to learn more about the application process and get more resources. Naviance is a great example of a system that counselors teach families about, and the program can help students create a resume, look up colleges, and evaluate their application requirements.

There is also a “Sophomore College Night”, which helps underclassmen and their families dip their toes into the waters of college applications. As a sophomore, I went to the event, and I would highly recommend it to any student who has questions about their future in college.

The events can be so valuable, even if you feel totally comfortable with getting ready for college – getting more resources and learning new information can only help you.

Senior Jessica Caulk attended the event last year. They said that “I think it helped me understand Naviance better, and it helped me learn about the tools our school utilizes. ”