As Monday February 11th rolled around Wilsonville High School students rolled out of bed not only disappointed, but also behind.  

Many students expected to not have to go to school this week because of the apparent “Snowmageddon.” The forecast predicted this week to look like a winter wonderland with snow coming down everyday.  Sadly this didn’t happen. And sadly many students did not do their homework assigned last Friday.

Brenden Ertle, a senior at Wilsonville, said that he was, “Behind walking into school Monday because I thought for sure there wasn’t going to be any snow, but it was okay because a lot of other people thought that too, so they didn’t do their homework either.” \

Students were not the only ones that believed they were having a winter break part two; teachers and district staff were also planning their school week for any scenario that could have occurred.  

This “snowmageddon” did not only give some excitement to the students of Wilsonville, the town was also in a little bit of a panic. As typical Oregonians do, the people of Wilsonville rushed to stores like Fred Meyers, SafeWay, and of course, Costco, planning on not being able to leave their houses. Shelves of food and supplies to survive this storm were selling out fast for a storm that never came.

But even with that weather report it seems like the Portland area overthinks a light snowing. Many people left work early when they heard that snow was coming in preparation for the I-5 traffic.