New season…new coach?


Pictured above is Sydney Byun and her partner Anna Sweetland during a match. Both are returning to tennis this year and are planning to be partners for another amazing season.

During the tail end of this past winter, something unfortunate occurred. The girls’ tennis team lost all coaches, leaving administration scrambling to find a replacement. Luckily Mr. Fowler, a teacher well known for teaching AP Calculus, stepped up to take the position. Tennis season is just around the corner, and people are excited to see what’s going to happen now that there’s been a switch-up.

After talking with Mr. Fowler himself, many plans have been made as to how the season is going to be run. It has also been revealed why Fowler chose to take this position up again since he has done it in the past. “I’m excited mainly because of the athletes I get to work with.” Fowler describes, “I know in the past when I’ve coached tennis it’s been one of my favorite things to coach.” While he does have the obvious goal for everyone to come out a better tennis player than they started, Fowler also hopes that we can build a strong team and to have all of the players be mentally tough.

Returning players Maddie Giese and Sydney Byun agree with this, although mainly they’re excited to be playing one of their favorite sports with all of their friends. “[The new] coach is Mr. Fowler, which is amazing as long as he doesn’t make us do too much conditioning.” Says Byun comically. Byun plans on improving her volley and having a great season. Similarly, Giese would like to improve some technical work with her backhand as the season is just around the corner. “I am very excited about this upcoming season.” Giese describes, “The program should have more stability and be a lot of fun.” Both girls new the previous coach, and although it is a big shift, they’re excited to switch things up a bit and have a fresh new way of doing things.

It isn’t too late! If you’d like to be a part of tennis, don’t be afraid to sign up and participate in tryouts next week. No matter what team you’re on or how good you are, it is guaranteed a good time.