Manny Machado contract

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This week Manny Machado signed the biggest free agent contract by any player in United States Sports history and second biggest contract ever signed in the MLB.  Machado and the San Diego Padres agreed to a 10-year, 300 million dollar contract. This means he will make 30 million alone with this contract. That doesn’t include all the endorsements and sponsors he has.  Machado played the Orioles in part of the 2017-2018 season, but was then traded to the Dodgers. The Dodgers made it to the 2018 World Series and ended up losing to the Boston Red Sox.

This contract and the decisions by the Padres organization were enormously unintelligent.  Manny Machado is the most overrated player in the MLB as of right now.  He does not perform well under pressure and he is also a dirty player. Machado is lazy, plays for himself, and lacks character.  In the final game of the 2018 World Series he had four at bats. With those four at bats he had three strikeouts and one fly out. He also hit only .182 that whole series.  This goes to show that Machado could not perform at the level expected when the pressure was high.

Don’t get me wrong, Machado can definitely play ball, but only at certain times.  He is a four-time all star and a two-time gold glove winner, so he has the capability to be a great ball player and a World Series champion. Overall, Machado doesn’t deserve that big of a contract after under-performing on numerous occasions.