How a hobby becomes a business

High school students are always looking for new ways to make money, and many students take up jobs at local restaurants or retail stores in their spare time. However, some Wilsonville students have a more unique business in mind: selling clothes on the Poshmark app.

Poshmark is the self-proclaimed “#1 way to buy and sell fashion”. The app allows users to make simple listings by uploading photos of their clothes, writing descriptions, and setting a price. With millions of users, there are always plenty of new pieces going up every single day. Poshmark provides labels for sellers as well, so they only need to make a listing and then print the label for packaging.

Junior Owen Gail has taken advantage of this simple process, and he has built up an impressive Poshmark profile by selling brand name fashions. According to Gail, the Goodwill bins – where they sell clothing by the pound – are the best place to find trendy clothes for cheap. He then turns the pieces into profit by selling them at a higher price than he originally bought them for.

While he’s had a lot of impressive finds, Gail remembers one particular Arc’teryx jacket that he bought for five dollars and sold for $100 the next day.

Owen isn’t the only student who sells clothes on Poshmark – his twin brother, Ethan, does as well. In fact, Owen credits his brother for getting him into the business, but claims that he has proven to be much more successful than Ethan.

Every student is different, but those looking to make some cash may want to follow in Gail’s footsteps. Selling clothes on Poshmark can be a quick way to clear out your closet while making a bit money, or you could invest significant time into it and turn it into a genuine business.