A preview to Prom

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April 13th, it’s closer than we think wildcats. Girls are already starting to get their dresses and some guys are freaking out realizing they have to match their outfit to their dates. Prom is right around the corner and everyone is getting ready.

This year the Junior class is working hard to make a night under the stars be a night to remember. 2020 class council members Ally and Jackie said that “the council went to the zoo to preview the space and are now starting to look into decorations.” Some of the senior class are starting to wonder if the junior class will be able to top their decoration job last year with having real plants and Ally and Jackie said to “expect lots of balloons and twinkle lights!”

As prom grows nearer the 2020 council has already ordered the invitations and are excited to order some decorations to spice up that zoo ballroom. Start making your group messages, ordering your dresses, making your appointments, and don’t forget to ask your date to prom in the most extravagant way possible!

Everyone is starting to get ready for the crazy prom season. So are you ready?

No worries if not! We are still over a month out!