Trying out for tennis



Senior Alaina Bekebrede is forced with a tough option as the season nears.


As many may know, spring sports have commenced as of this Monday the 25th. As a member of the tennis team myself, I was very nervous about the tryouts that have begun for this week and next week. After interviewing others in the same position as myself, I have come to the conclusion that nerves can be helpful and harmful.

Alaina Bekebrede, a senior here at Wilsonville and a first timer at tennis, was convinced to try out for tennis in her last year at high school. “I’m a senior and I wanted to do a new sport that I’ve never done before, kind of as a last hoorah before my last year is over,” Bekebrede admits. She has had a lot of friends persuading her to do tennis with them, and she felt like trying something new. Now, after doing tennis for a couple of weeks and trying out, Bekebrede has discovered her love for tennis.

However, one unfortunate side to this new passion are the rules that come with tryouts; since Bekebrede is a senior, she must get on varsity in order to continue playing this season. Since Bekebrede has never played before, unfortunately, her season has been cut short.

Regardless, she has decided to continue practicing and playing tennis for her own leisure. When it’s sunny outside, Bekebrede will be outside, swinging her racket and enjoying the sunshine with her friends.