The essence of a college decision

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If you’re a senior you know the amount of times you get asked “What are your plans next year?” or “Where are you going to school next year?” on a daily basis. It can become extremely repetitive and frustrating to have people wondering what you’re going to do when you don’t even know yourself. College is definitely the most difficult decision a person has to make up to this age. Also trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life is hard. This is for the juniors who haven’t quite experienced the tedious and ambitious process of college decisions.

The college decision process usually begins with applying to any school that sparks an interest to you. Many people apply to anywhere from 1 school to 20 schools nationally or maybe in some cases internationally. It only gets harder from here though. The constant grind of writing essays that could make or break you is extremely stressful. Imagine it as trying to highlight everything amazing about yourself and why you belong at that school in one sequential story. It feels like it’s impossible to do because how do determine one thing about yourself to tell these people who are deciding if you get into the school of your dreams.

Now it’s time for the anticipation for the decisions from all the schools. There are colleges that get back to you in a week, and there are colleges that make you wait for months to hear back from. By this time, half of your friends either know where they’re going or are set and stone with their plans for next year. More and more pressure is starting to be on you because of your friends, family, parents, and others who maybe don’t even know you that wonder and stress about when you’re going to decide. This is the time where you start to second guess your applications and wish you applied somewhere that you didn’t. Fair warning: don’t do this, it’s toxic and will make you stress 10x harder.

Next step in this process is the decision and the awkwardness of trying to find a roommate. Depending on if you decide to go in state or out of state you are doing what is best for you there isn’t a wrong decision. You just need to go where you are going to be happy; don’t worry if you make the wrong decision you can always come back or transfer somewhere else. Although, either way you choose you will need a roommate or maybe a few. If you decide to go out of state it’s kind of fun to read about people that you could possibly be sleeping in the same room with. Many people who are going in-state decide to room with someone they already know from high school. That’s always an option that’s safe and you know them.  Like this will be the person that you color coordinate your comforters with. It’s a major decision.

Finally, you can tell the curious and nosey people who have been dying to know your decision. No more frustration and stress. All the weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can ultimately live out the rest of your senior year and spend the last couple months you have with the people you love.