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Wilsonville hosts first competition of the 2019 robotics season

Error Code Xero (Team 1425) and The Endurance

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This Friday and Saturday (March 8th & 9th), Wilsonville High School will be hosting the first robotics competition of the season once again for teams in the Pacific Northwest. Error Code Xero (team 1425) will be competing with their latest robot whose name, “The Endurance”, was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s famous movie: Interstellar.


This season’s game for robotics is called “Destination: Deep Space” and is sponsored by the Boeing Company. The space theme is paired with a game centered around robots that would supply cargo and place hatch panels. Various additional objectives can be completed throughout a match to score additional points and to achieve victory.


Tristan Cavarno, the lead of Error Code Xero, describes The Endurance as one of the most complex robots that they have both seen and constructed. One key feature of the robot is its capability to spin its lift component separate from the drive base. This will provide the drive team much more agility when competing on Friday and Saturday.


Cavarno reports that the competition will likely be a good one and that The Endurance has some of the most potential he’s seen. This gives Cavarno enough confidence to believe that Error Code Xero will make it to the world championships. However, Cavarno identifies Catlin Gabel’s Flaming Chickens as the biggest threat of the season. Although, Cavarno hopes that the potential of the flaming chickens will be on Wilsonville’s side this competition.


Come see the robotics competition during and after school Friday and all day Saturday to see Wilsonville compete in this years space themed game. This is the very start of the season and everyone is hoping to see Error Code Xero take on bigger teams in nationals and worlds with their new robot: The Endurance.

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