Parents pay fortunes to illegally alter children’s qualifications of college acceptance

On March 12th, the US Department of Justice released a report that they are indicting 50 people for racketeering. The department reports that 50 thousand and upwards of 3.2 million dollars were transferred to various coaches and administration in order to doctor their children’s education and athletic records in order to increase the child’s likelihood to be accepted into college.


The main offender of this scandal is a man named William Rick Singer, CEO of The Key: a college admission prep company. Singer set up a false charity that people could donate money to in exchange for either their child to have an advantage in the ACT or SAT, or false claims of the child being involved in a sport. These were done by bribing test proctors or coaches, and sending a man named Mark Riddell in place of the kids on test day.


The biggest case of this happening is Lori Loughlin, actress “Aunt Becky” from Full House, paid 500,000 dollars to have coaches write recommendations for her two children to be recruited athletes at the University of Southern California. This is the most blatant form of institutionalized racketeering we’ve ever seen in our college system.