She Kills Monsters cast list revealed

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Wilsonville High School’s theater department is gearing up for a brand new show! Opening the 16th of May this year’s spring show is going to be, She Kills Monsters written by Qui Nguyen.

She Kills Monsters is a captivating story that follows the story of Agnes Evans, a young woman who has recently lost her sister, Tilly. After her death, she discovers that Tilly was a well-known dungeons and dragons player who has left behind her own game plan in a hidden journal. In order to learn more about, and honor, her younger sister Agnes enlists a dungeons and dragons pro named Chuck to help her uncover the secret life of Tilly.

Auditions for this much-anticipated show began on Monday and went on throughout the week. Many students flocked to these auditions in order to get their chance to play these much sought after roles. Junior Kameron Koslowski auditioned earlier this week, he noted that his favorite part was the “dry readings because it forces you to create a character on the spot.” Koslowski not only auditioned for the play but he was cast in the role of Chuck: “I’m extremely excited to portray Chuck because me being a d&d nerd I am excited to portray that side of myself on stage.

The auditions may have taken up most of this week, it didn’t take long for the cast list to come out.

Without further ado here is the cast list for the 2019 spring show: She Kills Monsters

Agnes – Abi Edwards

Tilly – Samantha Katz

Kaliope – Kaiya Shivers

Lilith – Natalie Young

Orcus – Noah Hansen

Miles – Nate Rasmussen

Chuck – Kameron Koslowski

Steve – Cian Lister

Evil Tina –  Mikaela Ochocki

Evil Gabbi – Kate Hedgepeth

Farrah the Faerie – Hannah Jacobs

Vera – Katie Walter


Wyett Butler

John Cramer

Jillian Dauth

Alexis Gessler

Jessica Hansen

Laura Jeffrey

Lizzie Hall

Cormac Lister

Blake Sandall

Morgan Schwenke

Marisa Stukey

Casey Young