Senior schedule


The class of 2019 is eager to finish up their very last year of high school.  And with this year being their last some had to cram some AP classes in their schedule to meet some college or even graduation requirements.  Some made this year their senior year the easiest of all four years. There are pros and cons in having a more intense schedule in your last year.  We asked senior Jack Roche, who has gotten into Duke, what he thinks about seniors having a harder schedule and he said, “Yes. Seniors should have a more difficult schedule than normal or make their senior year their hardest year because when they go to college it’s going to the be the same thing or even worse”.  He proves a good point because college isn’t going to be a smooth ride, yet other people have different opinions on schedules. Senior Brenden Ertle, who has played varsity football for the last three years, said, “Senior year should be easier especially for the people who play sports because it’s your last year and you may be trying to focus more on that sport and go all out.  And it lets you relax, have fun, and enjoy your last year”. Both sides show some evidence about having a harder schedule. I believe that you should keep your schedule on track and focused, yet not too difficult to where you are having to study day and night. It keeps you on your toes without the stress of a super hard schedule.