Performing arts concert week

Students share their thoughts regarding their spring concert performances

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Among the many important events of the early spring-the band, choir, and orchestra concerts attract family and friends to support their vocalists and musicians. Each choir and ensemble has spent a great amount of time learning and then rehearsing their songs or charts. The vivacious turn out shows the diligence in which they approach their concert pieces. In retrospect, they were nights of teamwork and careful execution. A few students share their hard work, best pieces, and thoughts on their performances.

The week opened with a band concert with the ensembles on Tuesday. In Symphonic band performed several sets including Redensky March, Overture for the Winds, Omberland, and Chorale and Shaker Dance.

Junior Vy Frolov disclosed, “I like ‘Omberland’ because it is very musical, but Redensky is very upbeat and fun to play.” Frolov has played tuba in the symphonic band since freshman year and has been committed to music since sixth grade. Frolov added that the band has been practicing “Chorale and Shaker Dance” since late November. Their overall set, however, has changed since the initial plan. They abdicated an old piece that did not suit their desired sound for a closing chart. They substituted it with the newer pieces “Overture for the Winds” and “Omberland” because they fit the slow tuneful feel of the other pieces.

Orchestra took the stage on Wednesday night with an assortment of songs. They played Allegro Vivo, Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance, Nimrod, and Brook Green Suite. They have been practicing for nearly two months but started Allegro Vivo recently. Senior Makayla Bruce on the violin reviewed her favorite piece and part of the concert.

“My favorite piece was ‘Nimrod’, it’s a piece that connects with people. It is slow, but you can import technique and dynamic contrast,” considered Bruce. She indicated that though the orchestra kept the parts together well, there is always room for improvement. Bruce loved that the incoming freshmen of the following year had the opportunity to join them in concert.

The next night was a wonderful choir performance. Senior and Alto of four years in concert choir Lila Durig revealed that they had been practicing a selection gospel pieces. For two months, they rehearsed for the spring concert. Their musical sequence consisted of the Glee version of Shake it Out, At the River, Musica Dei, and the Storm is Passing Over.

Durig emphasized that her favorite of the lineup is “The Storm is Passing Over”, because of its more soulful feel. She described that what was most elating about the spring performance was the final ensemble. The choir department joined together and performed You Will be Bound. It was not only executed well but harmonious and full of raw emotion.

“It is super emotional, and we will sound so good together,” Durig predicted prior to the night.

As the spring festivities continue, there will be many more opportunities to see these musicians and vocalists in action. The final Choir Concert will take place on May 29th. The final combined band concert will be held on May 30th.