Wilsonville girls lacrosse lose to Jesuit 6-20

Lady Wildcats take a sad loss during their fourth game of the season, losing to Jesuit by 14.


GM Artman

Pictured above is junior Kylie Hix during a lacrosse game last season. She is excited to be back in the sport and is looking forward to a fun season.

Thursday night of this week the Wilsonville Wildcat girls lacrosse team played the Jesuit and sadly lost 6-20. However, after talking with some of the players, it seems as though the team has their heads held high in the hopes of a sound season.

Kylie Hix, a junior here at Wilsonville, explained how although the score didn’t reflect how the team performed as a whole, she felt proud of their achievements on Thursday. “The whole atmosphere of the team is very positive and I am hopeful that we will keep improving in the future,” Hix recounted confidently. Hix scored two of their six goals, both of which she was proud of. Unlike the others on the team, Hix joined late due to other commitments, yet she is ecstatic to be a part of the 2019 team.

Similarly to Hix, other junior Sydney Carskadon described the unfortunate circumstances as the beginning of the season which caused these games to be a little grim.”The season started off a little rough because we lost a lot of valuable players as seniors last year, and a lot of girls decided not to play this year,” Carskadon recites sadly.

However, both Hix and Carskadon keep their hopes up and plan on having a fun and lively season this year.