College admission scandal

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If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, what has been headlining the news and social media is what is now known as the largest college admissions scandal in history. And the people behind this scandal are none other than more than 50 wealthy parents that include business CEOs, fashion designers, and high-profile celebrities and actresses, including Aunt Becky (aka Lori Loughlin) from America’s favorite TV show Full House. SAT scores were paid to be professionally altered, D-1 college coaches were paid off to put non-athletes onto teams, college applications were completed for students, the list of wrongdoings seems to go on and on.

What makes this scandal so relevant to high school students, seniors especially who happen to be going through the admissions process, is realizing just how difficult and frustrating it is to try and get into a fastidious college. Not only the application process, but all of the work that has gone into preparing for the SAT’s, the weekends and breaks spent studying for tests and completing schoolwork for AP classes, working and training for hours every day and night to be the best athlete possible in order to attain the highest possible scholarship; these are the students who are worthy of getting into the highly-acclaimed colleges, and it is heartbreaking and unfair that at least 50 deserving, hardworking students were turned away because these privileged people got to cheat their way out of the process.

How is this knowledge going to change the administration? Knowing that these families almost got away with cheating their students into colleges that they didn’t deserve to get into? Will our system ever change? I personally hope that the momentum and the overall knowledge that this injustice exists will invoke change in the way that students get into college in the first place.