Wilsonville united

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Taken by KGW News

In times of need Wilsonville is the place to go to lend a helping hand to one another. There are always pros and cons for living in a small town. The pros however really showed greatly this weekend when a tragic event occurred. People in the community took a step up to the plate to help their fellow neighbors when ones lost their homes due to the Villebois fire that took place on Sunday very early in the morning. This fire affected many people that lived in Villebois, but there were only three families that unfortunately had their homes burned down. Even some of the families lost their vehicles from the fire. Thankfully Wilsonville united in the time of need and everyone played a part in giving to the families that lost their homes and also pitched in so much more. Some great examples of the community giving in Wilsonville is Wilsonville Honda, they offered to loan cars for FREE to ones who lost there cars in the fire. The community set up a meal train to take families dinners that were affected by the fire and are unable to make a meal in their own homes. As far as it goes for helping the fire victims get back on their feet some fundraisers have been set in place to raise money. Human bean was offering to donate a whole day of sales to them, and lux sucre raised over $8500 to donate as well. Not only did the community just help the ones that lost their homes, but they also helped the ones that had smoke damage from their homes being near the fire. A  professional house cleaner offered to clean all there homes for free due to damage from the fire. These house cleaners said they will donate there Saturday’s to help the families and get their house cleaned up. This was a very unfortunate event that took place over the weekend, however thankfully we have a community that can come together and unite in the main times of need.