Prom is just around the corner


Kylie Hix

Pictured above is Kylie Hix (left) and Kayla Hieb (right) at Winter Formal this year. Hix is excited for prom next weekend and to be able to go with her friends.

Dresses, flowers, posters, suits, corsages, boutonnières, party buses, and heels. All around there are juniors and seniors (and sometimes underclassmen) scrambling to find all of these objects before next Saturday, April 13th. What crazy event coming up requires all of these things? You guessed it: prom.

There are many things that need to be considered before prom can even happen. For individuals, elements such as dresses, heels, suits, and shoes need to be located. Then, on the date and group level, dinner reservations and corsages/boutonnières need to be obtained.

To get more information, I interviewed Kylie Hix (a junior attending prom) to find any tips that could help ease the process. Hix is wearing a dress from the online shop Ann Lux Label. She even stated that most girls shop for prom dresses online (on places such as Prom Girl and others) in order to find the best deals, since prom dresses can get pricey. Men can also find tuxedos and suits at Men’s Warehouse which is an online store and a local store.

As for dinner reservations, Hix has a genius plan. “My prom group is catering food so we can all take photos and eat together at the awesome location of Langdon Farms. I recommend choosing someone to take care of the big things like looking a bus or planning a picture taking location just to make things simple,” Hix explains.

Lastly, Hix got her corsage and boutonnière right here at Wilsonville High School. The booster club is selling them for around $15 and $30, but you can go to Fred Meyers if you’re looking for a cheaper price.

In the end, those are some tips and tricks to making sure your prom event goes smoothly. Happy prom season to the Wildcats, and always make sure to stay safe while having fun.