The price of prom


Juniors Mikaela Ochocki and Casey Young taking their prom photos. The photo above is a candid. Photo credit Jake Young Photography.

Prom; the pinnacle of high school. The prom experience is something many young girls look forward to – from getting their hair done, to picking out a dress, to buying a boutonnière, the cost can add up quickly. This can be the same for boys, as they usually need to rent a tux and possibly buy a corsage.

The entry cost has been a point of frustration for some students, with the prices being somewhat high. The tickets came out to $40 if they were bought with the early special, and $50 if they were bought after. Although many were upset about the price, this was the only way to support the cost of decorations and boost the budget for the upcoming seniors’ homecoming float.

The cost of dresses and tuxes can also add up – dresses can go from $90 to $400, and many girls are willing to spend that much money on the perfect dress. This can boost the price of the night exponentially and is usually the big ticket item.

Tuxes also come out to be fairly expensive, ranging from $100 to $200 to rent. So for both boys and girls, the price of prom night after formalwear is already fairly steep.

Corsages and boutonnières also raise the price, and they can run from $15 to $30. This is optional, though, depending on if you have a date or if you want to purchase one.

The food on prom night can also add to the expense quite a bit. Whether you’re being catered, going out to dinner, or making your own, the price can still add up. Food, drinks, and dessert can run up to $40 or $50.

Even more, some girls (and boys too) may need new shoes – these can possibly be reused from other formal dances, or you can buy new ones to use next year. These new shoes can run from $50-$200 and can hike up the price of the night by a lot.

The cost increases even more as you continue on to other optional aspects of the night. Some girls may choose to get their hair and makeup done for the dance – each can cost up to $80 if they choose to go that route.  

So, in total – $40 for a ticket, $150 for a dress, $160 for hair and makeup, $100 for shoes, $30 for a corsage/boutonnière, and $50 for dinner – you’re looking at $500 for a girl to go all out for her prom night.

This is an expense that some may find justified and some may find frivolous. For students who are wanting to have a great prom night but don’t want to spend the money, I’d recommend looking for sales on the things you want. Saving even a couple of dollars on a few items can save a lot of money overall.

Many girls also choose to do their own hair or makeup to save money – I think that’s a smart choice, as those two can become fairly expensive.

The total price can come out to be a ridiculous amount of money – sadly, this can cause some to stay away from prom. This shouldn’t happen, though; these prices should be lowered, but in reality, finding sales and discounted items may be the only way some can afford prom.

No matter what someone’s plans for prom are, the most important thing is enjoying the night and staying safe. Prom night should be a night for dancing and making memories.