Last chance to donate to Female Empowerment club’s feminine hygiene drive

Female Empowerment club advocates hold a personal hygiene drive to donate to a local women's shelter.


Mackenzie Waterfield

A poster advertisement for the Female Empowerment club's feminine hygiene drive.

After partaking in an inspiring art exhibit, the Female Empowerment club advocates are now looking to address the issue of women who do not have access to basic needs in the Portland area. Distinguished for supporting meritable organizations in the past, they have set their sights on managing a feminine hygiene drive for a local women’s shelter.

Donation bins are arranged in the main office’s entrance. They accept pads, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, or conditioner, socks, and underwear. The club suggests for students to donate at least one of these items to help someone in need. These items are crucial to physical and mental well being and are often taken for granted in the midst of everyday life. A small donation can make a significant difference for an individual.

Club leader Anna Sweetland underlined the importance of donating to this organization, “I think at the moment, period products are treated as a luxury, and you think about some people that can’t have them.  I think having basic feminine hygiene products are a fundamental right. Feeling clean means confidence, and not feeling clean can have an effect on your mental health.”

There is an abundance of people deprived of these necessities. Female Empowerment expects that if more people donate these items, women, and children in need will feel empowered.

Portland is estimated by the New Federal Report to have the second highest rate of unsheltered homelessness in the United States. In this crisis, many are women who are displaced or struggle to keep housing due to various circumstances. As a community, it is essential to think about this, and openly converse about ways to approach the issue. Shelters like Rose Haven take leadership in this endeavor.

Rose Haven intends to distribute basic resources, and provide safety to women and children in dire situations. They are a haven for around 3,500 people in need annually. They operate through daytime hours, where they welcome anyone in need of assistance or moral support. They consistently supply meals, clothing, first aid, hygiene products, restrooms, showers, educational programs, and medical service guidance.

All of the products gathered in the drive will be donated to the Rose Haven Women’s Shelter. The drive will run from April 8th and extend to the 26th. For further inquiry, visit their website at The building is located at 6 27 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209.