Shorts or pants?

Which one will you be wearing next week?

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Spring has officially started. Before we get hit with unexpected rains and unneeded overcast, March has generously given us daily highs of 70 degrees. The start of the Spring / Summer time of the year, implies a cardinal transition in our apparel. From 30+ inch inseam of pants to the comfortable, free, idealistic, utopian 7 inch inseam of shorts. For many people, the first day of sun is the first day of shorts; however, some people stick with pants well into July and/or never make the switch to begin with.


Pants advocates are people who I personally look down on because shorts for me are the end all be all bottom all throughout the year. Some may refer to me as a hypocrite because I am wearing pants as I write this article this very moment. However, this is a trivial observation as the the tease of March merely led to average highs of 50 degrees with frequent and heavy rain.


Kameron Koslowski, a Junior at Wilsonville High School, contests my point when asked pants or shorts in the current whether with a short and direct response of “pants or nothin”. Well  Kameron, you are wrong. Pants are sub-par leg-wear despite the conditions and I hope one day you encounter the truth.


We are very due for some warm weather and I hope that it is warm enough to inspire everyone to make the switch to shorts. It’s shorts’ time out of  the wardrobe!